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Name: Cornelia li Britannia
Age: 28
Subject taught: Battle tactics
Canon: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Canon point: While she is a prisoner of the Black Knights during R2.


One of the most important things to know to understand Cornelia is that she was raised in a social Darwinist society. Brought up from birth to take survival of the fittest to the extreme, she has always been very condescending and looks down upon those she sees as weak. After all--the strong earn their right to thrive, to flourish, and the weak die out so only the traits of those who are more fit are passed on. This type of attitude extends to people's race, social standing, personal character...everything. She's judged people on their bloodlines, for example, having picked out knights of "the best pedigree" for her sister Euphemia to choose from. Due to believing that she lost three siblings to the Japanese(while in reality, Nunnally and Lelouch were living in hiding and Clovis was actually murdered by Lelouch), she had been extremely mistrustful of the Japanese in particular, but she has made some progress towards getting rid of both that bias and her condesending nature in general, mostly because of the influence of her (late) beloved sister Euphemia. 

Cornelia is both a leader and a fighter. She's confidant, logical, and completely ruthless in battle. She doesn't hesitate to make the sacrifices she believes to be necessary, and has gone as far as to sacrifice innocents on the opposite side of the conflict. She was willing to sacrifice an entire ghetto to prove a point, after all. She is even ruthless enough to knife V.V. in the forehead the moment he revealed himself to her, claiming that while she had no prior knowledge of him and he appeared to be only a child, it was too risky to let him live and possibly Geass her. She didn't even know whether or not he had a Geass, just that he was a possible threat. 

Cornelia is also stubborn as hell, but when it comes down to it she won't let that affect her as a tactician. She doesn't like to retreat, but if that's what she feels is the best decision, she will grudgingly do so. She certainly doesn't intend to waste the lives of her soldiers. When it comes to her personally, she'll try to stay in the action as long as possible, as she does not believe in being the kind of leader that simply watches her forces fight from the sidelines. She holds the safety of her soldiers in higher regard than her personal safety, and it takes a lot of persuading to get her to agree to let her men fight on without her. It should also be noted that she absolutely hates the notion of being treated any differently because of her gender. 

Besides caring for her men, Cornelia holds a soft spot for her siblings, especially Euphiemia. The resentment she held towards the Japanese in particular was fueled by believing that she lost two brothers and a sister to them, and when she shows up in R2 her actions are driven by her desire to prove Euphie's innocence in the massacre of the Japanese people at the opening of the SAZ of Japan and avenge her death. While Cornelia is strict and professional in public, she lets lose and acts playful enough to tickle Euphemia while in her private company. Euphemia's influence is also what caused Cornelia to mellow out over the course of the series--as Euphemia was kind, gentle, and wished for peace above all else, and her death affected Cornelia greatly. 

In addition to caring for her siblings, Cornelia also greatly admired Lelouch's mother, Lady Marianne. Out of this admiration, she goes as far as to make her own garden an exact replica of Marianne's.  

Name: Gloucester

  • Durability
  • Agility 
  • Strength 
  • Intimidation
  • Blitzkrieg

Lost memories:
  • 1. Everything she knows about Geass.
  • 2. What Lady Marianne's garden, and as an extension of that her own identical one, looked like.
  • 3. How to pilot a Knightmare frame.
  • 4. Guilford's name.
  • 5. Euphie's favorite color
  • 6. What Britannia's flag looks like. 
  • 7. How to wear a cravat. 
  • 8. What hairspray is. 
  • 9. That soap is not meant for consumption. 
  • 10. What color her own eyes are. 


Third person:

Euphie was dead. Every single time Cornelia went to sleep, she woke in the morning and Euphie was still dead. It was too much of a shock to process, at fist. She got out of bed every single day and almost…forgot. That Euphie wasn’t there--that Euphie would never be there again. As days turned into months, it sunk in, and while it was no longer the first thought in her mind every morning, it always crossed it.

She adjusted, but it didn't seem to get any easier.

Euphie was dead. Euphie would always be dead. From time to time, a certain loneliness would hit her without her beloved little sister to dote upon. Many of the things Cornelia had held as important before didn’t seem to matter so much anymore. 

Nowadays, it was for Euphie that Cornelia got out of bed, and it was Euphie that kept her up at night.

The Princess Massacre, they called her. The public believed that their beloved, sweet little Princess had been hiding a sinister side all along. Or that she had gone crazy. But Cornelia knew the truth. Her kind-hearted little sister really did have peace and harmony in mind when she tried to open the SAZ of Japan. It was this thing called “Geass” that was to blame.

Cornelia didn’t know how long Geass had been around, kept secret from the vast majority of society, but that didn’t matter. The secret of Geass wasn’t going to be a secret for much longer, this much she had promised herself. She frankly didn't care how long it had managed to stay hidden, it was going to be exposed to the world regardless. Then, Euphie could be absolved of blame.

Cornelia wasn't going to rest until her sister’s name was cleared.

Cornelia was not the kind of person that could go through life day-by-day without purpose. She needed an objective in mind always, something to take precedence over everything else. And now that Euphemia was gone, she couldn’t let anything become a higher priority than avenging her.

First person:

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